So - we're still being optimistic!


   We are becoming more hopeful that we will

be able to produce

'The Merry Widow' by Franz Lehar
in February 2022 

We are pleased to announce the Cast!

Anna, the Merry Widow - Karen Davies

Danilo, Embassy Attaché - Simon Thompson 

Baron Zeta, the Ambassador - John Torr

Valencienne, the Ambassador’s Wife - Helen Wilson

Camille, the Count of Rosillon - Mike Hammond

Njegus, Zeta’s factotum -  Peter Charles

St Brioche, Diplomatic guest - David Brackenbury

Cascada, Diplomatic guest - Mark Lee

Kromov, a jealous attaché - Janis Zakis

Olga, Wife of Kromov - Jo  Zakis

Sylvia, lady guest - Charlie Bull

Praskovia, lady guest - Angela Shash 

Bogdanovitsch, junior attaché - Pippa Tickell

Pritsch, junior attaché - vacant 

The Grisettes, dancing girls at Maxim’s - members of the Chorus

Production Director - Mandy Nimmo

Music Director - Vince Davy


Chorus members are not auditioned and everyone is welcome (especially males).

Rehearsals will start on 21st September 2021

in St James Church Hall at 7.30pm and

we look forward to meeting you!